Buff Out the Imperfections From Your Vehicle’s Surface

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If your vehicle’s paint is scarred by pits and scratches from an accident or road debris, you can rely on 307 Detail of Casper, WY to take care of it for you. We offer buffing and waxing services designed to smooth out your paint job and protect it from the threat of corrosion.

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What does buffing involve?

What does buffing involve?

Buffing is an intensive, all day process meant to renew and preserve your vehicle’s paint job. Here are some of the steps involved in the buffing process:

  • Removing a thin layer of paint to reveal an untouched, lustrous layer
  • Applying a compound to remove deep scratches and pits
  • Adding wax to the finish to preserve your paint
You can count on 307 Detail to bring new life to your vehicle with a buff and wax job.